Marcelus Qwade – B.M.F. Music Video

Here’s the second music video titled B.M.F. from Marcelus Qwades’s new album Tramp Stamp. More to come soon!

If you haven’t seen his Merry Christmas video, check it out here!


Weekly Preview

Hey everyone! Our site hasn’t been very active lately, but that is due to some exciting additions we have been working on! Our new photography page is almost ready, and by the end of the week we will have tons of great photos for you to look at! Along with this new addition, we will be doing a weekly “Photo of the Week” post, where we showcase a great photo taken by us, or our fans!

Along with photography, February is going to begin our “Filmmaking Fridays” feature which will contain tutorials, tips and tricks, DIY ideas and much more for you aspiring filmmakers out there who want to learn with us!

This week also brings you the release of Marcelus Qwade’s second music video off of his new album Tramp Stamp (mixtape downoad available here). To see his first hit Merry Christmas, click here.

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Lucky’s Bearded Music Video Coming Soon!

Lucky stopped by to record the lyrics for his new song. Watch out for our upcoming hilarious video, coming soon!Screen Shot 2014-01-25 at 8.42.03 PM

New Additions To The Site

Hi everyone, we have been working on our new additions to the website, and they will be ready soon! We will have a photography page full of great images, and we will be consistently posting tips for all of you film makers out there! These will include video tutorials, articles, interviews, behind the scenes footage, DIY ideas, and much more! We hope to be a resource for low budget filmmakers, and anyone who wants to know what goes on behind the curtain at Lift Entertainment! Keep an eye out because we’ll be posting soon and there will be great info coming your way! If you have any ideas for things you want us to cover in our blog/tutorials make sure to contact us at!

Of course, don’t forget about our weekly content that is meant to make you laugh, inspire you and bring local New England talent to the light! Check out our current video gallery and tune in this weekend for a new one!