Sharing Is Caring

Recently I have been debating making tutorials of how I achieved certain effects in my past videos. On one side there’s the chance of increasing your community of followers, since people love to learn, and will come back for more. On the other hand, however, there is the fact that people will know exactly how I did it, be able to replicate my work, thus essentially creating more competition.


I recently read an article on Fstoppers that brought up this exact topic, which I recommend everyone who has the same debate should read. It really solidified my decision of just going for it. In this article, he made a great point by saying  “knowing that someone could reproduce meant that if I wanted to keep my work fresh, I need to learn something new“. This is a great way of looking at the situation and I find it to be completely true. If you hold on to your secrets and rely solely on that, your work will get stagnant.

Why spend your time trying to keep something you did a secret, when you can throw it out into the open, and in the process learn something new. Maybe when you’re giving away your “secret” (let’s be honest, with the internet nothing is a secret anymore) you will learn a new way of doing it! You can increase your speed, efficiency and maybe gain completely new knowledge while teaching it to others. While you’re spending your time guarding your secret, that could be time spent learning something new.


The moral of the story is people will always have a way of figuring out your secret anyway, so don’t hold on too tightly. Instead of thinking about what you did in the past that was different, think about what you can do in the future that will continue to blow peoples minds. Remember that filmmaking, is meant to be a collaborative art! Help people out and they might be able to teach you something in the future. This being said, look out for my future tutorial videos, as I will be sharing everything that I know!

Let’s hear what you have to say! Is sharing caring, or do you feel that you should always try to keep a leg up on the “competition”?


Let us know what you think!

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