Case Closed Episode 3 – There’s Gonna Be Heat

Your favorite almost cops are back in Episode 3 of Case Closed! Can the boys step up the heat and handle a real case for once? Find out now!


Sunday Skits Season 2: Episode 2 – Phil’s Furniture Meeting

Phil’sĀ Furniture store has an intense meeting to talk about an upcoming holiday sale.

Directed and Edited by Chris Machado


Case Closed Episode 2 – Gin and Tonic

Private investigators Mark Johnson and John Markson return in episode 2, stillĀ taking any case they can. While the tomato mystery remains unsolved, they decide to take on another case. Will they have yet another pissed off client, or will they finally solve a case for once? Find out now!

If you still haven’t seen episode 1, watch it here!

Starring: Brandon Allan and Mitchell Palumbo
Directed By: Chris Machado

Sunday Skits Season 2 – Gift Returns

Season 2 of Sunday Skits is now underway! This season starts with a skit about what happens when people just don’t like their gifts from the holidays. Enjoy and stay tuned next week for Episode 2 of Case Closed, and Episode 2 of Sunday Skits on 1/24.