Sunday Skits Season 2: Episode 5 – Caught on Tape Part 2

Detectives Brightlight and Johanson return from the courthouse after being on trial for police brutality. What was the verdict? find out now!



Sunday Skits Season 2: Episode 4 – Willy Skeet the Science Creep

On this episode of Sunday Skits, Willy Skeet teaches you how to make an atomic bomb out of a few simple ingredients and a microwave. Make sure your kids aren’t around because this one’s NSFW! (not that any of our skits are)

Case Closed Episode 4 – Fuck This Job

Mark Johnson and John Markson are back in this final episode of Case Closed. Will they finally solve the mysteries, or will they spend all of their client’s money on booze? Find out now!

Sunday Skits Season 2: Episode 3 – American Idle Auditions

This week on Sunday Skits we report live from the set of American Idle to watch three lucky contestants audition. Will they get a ticket to Hollywood, or will they be arrested?