Sunday Skits Season 2: Episode 4 – Willy Skeet the Science Creep

On this episode of Sunday Skits, Willy Skeet teaches you how to make an atomic bomb out of a few simple ingredients and a microwave. Make sure your kids aren’t around because this one’s NSFW! (not that any of our skits are)


Sunday Skits Episode 8 – Ball Boost Outtakes

Sometimes a shoot just doesn’t go as expected. Our next Sunday Skit was supposed to be a Ball Boost Commercial, but our “actor” just couldn’t get it right, so we had to delay it a week. In an effort to keep up the tradition, we decided to release this footage to hold you over. Enjoy. #LiftRI

Marcelus Qwade – B.M.F. Music Video

Here’s the second music video titled B.M.F. from Marcelus Qwades’s new album Tramp Stamp. More to come soon!

If you haven’t seen his Merry Christmas video, check it out here!

Public Prick Episode 2 – Speaking French!

Here’s the second episode of Public Prick, where Brandon terrorizes coffee shops by speaking French! Take a look, comment, and share!