Public Prick Episode 1 – Santa

Here is the first episode from our new series called Public Prick! Public Prick is a series of pranks we are pulling on random people where Brandon says or does something outrageous to get a reaction. This first episode consists of Santa asking people if they can help him bust a nut in the holiday spirit! Check it out for a good laugh and keep an eye out for the rest of the series!


Marcelus Qwade – Merry Christmas Music Video

Off of his new album Tramp Stamp, the star of “The Origins of the Harlem Shake” Marcelus Qwade gives you this music video to ring in the holiday cheer! Check it out and download Tramp Stamp now at!

More Tramp Stamp videos to come!

Call of Duty: Real Life

Created by Chris Costa, this video pokes fun at the Call of Duty franchise, going off the concept of “What if real life battles were fought like Call of Duty matches!?”. We released this video to coincide with the new COD: Ghosts game, and we got great reviews! Check it out yourself:


The Origins of the Harlem Shake

The Origins of the Harlem Shake was the first short film produced by Lift Entertainment. It is an off the wall comedy that will keep you laughing the whole way through. It follows Marcelus Qwade in his struggle to create the world’s best dance move. Check it out in it’s entirety, as well as some bloopers we just had to put out!

Entire Film: