Sunday Skits Season 2: Episode 14 – M Cigarettes Commercial Outtakes

Why do they keep casting Alek for these commercials?


Sunday Skits Season 2: Episode 13 – Clown Shopping Network

WB8 after hours brings you CSN: The Clown Shopping Network, where you can buy any random thing your heart desires

Sunday Skits Season 2: Episode 11 – Brut Soap Commercial

Introducing Brut Soap, the only soap that assures you ALL of the women will go crazy!

Fly Hard – FULL FILM

Fly Hard is a small time story about a small town boy with big dreams. After hearing about how his father died in a plane crash, Ben Paylay vows to become the best pilot ever. Unfortunately for Ben, his overwhelming fear of heights stands in his way.
When all seems hopeless, can an unlikely stranger make Ben’s dream a reality, or will his feel of heights keep him grounded?

Brandon Allan – Ben Paylay
Daniel Colbert – Jack

Directed By: Chris Costa

A Lift Entertainment and It’s Brandon Allan Production