Our Team

We are a small, but talented group of people who want to entertain you! Check out our bios for a more personal look into the individuals that make Lift Entertainment.

Chris Costa

389990_2321079914929_1608236472_nOne of the founders of Lift Entertainment; Chris has written, directed, shot and edited a number of videos already. He has a wide range of skills from writing, editing, directing, special effects, motion graphics, and marketing. Chris has written and directed multiple sketches, and paired up with actor Brandon Allan to create his first short film “The Origins of the Harlem Shake”. He has a degree in Video Audio Production from the New England Institute of Technology, and several years of video production experience. Holding video production jobs at Collette Vacations and Universal Medical, as well as many freelance clients, Chris is well rounded. Taking interest in all aspects of video production from planning to post production, Chris will take on any challenge that is given to him, making sure to exceed client’s expectations. You can count on Chris to make your vision come to life.

Watch the video below to see a sample of Chris’ work

If you want to work with Chris Costa you can contact him here:



email: cjcosta91@yahoo.com

Chris Machado

1533545_10201861492233578_2103144834_nChristopher Machado was born and raised in East Providence Rhode Island. Chris has always had a passion for the video arts. When he was young he got a video camera for Christmas and would make up stories to film with his friends, trying to direct them as he watched on from behind the lens. As the years went on and he grew older he still found himself filming with his friends, whether it be skateboarding or just filming funny sketches there was always a camera around. When he graduated High School he knew which direction he wanted to take next. He went to New England Institute of Technology and received an Associates degree in Video and Audio Production. With that degree he learned the tools necessary to turn his passion into a career, which led him to founding Lift Entertainment along with Chris Costa. He considers himself creative with a wild imagination, which is why he chose to pursue a career in filming so he could see his ideas become a reality.

Watch Chris’ work below:

Contact Chris at:


Brandon Allan

Brandon Allan is a multi-talented person, with skills in writing and acting. He has been writing comedy rap music, scripts for short films and sketches, and doing stand-up IMG_1427comedy since 2009. Recently taking his talents to the next level, he has been traveling to Boston and New York for commercial and extra work. His resume includes extra work for ESPN, ABC’s Body of Proof, Hollywood productions such as a new Denzel Washington movie, and commercial work for Johnny Rockets and United Way. Brandon met Chris Costa in 2012, and has been a part of Lift Entertainment since the beginning. The director/actor duo created their first short film “The Origins of the Harlem Shake” which was written by Brandon, and received great feedback. He continues to work with Lift Entertainment writing and starring in sketches, and short films including their new production”Fly Hard” which is set to come out in the summer of 2014. Brandon is a dedicated, hard worker who continues to improve his talents, from taking acting classes to reading and writing daily. You will continue to see work from Brandon through Lift Entertainment, as well as other major production companies.

Contact Brandon Allan at :


Mitchell Palumbo

Mitchell Palumbo is the newest addition to the Lift Entertainment family. He has always image1had a passion for film and has been working towards his goals with a full head of steam. He first started working with Lift Entertainment by helping out behind the scenes on short films and sketches. Mitch has recently started writing and acting for Lift also. Mitch  started Palumbo Productions before meeting his friends at Lift Entertainment, and their similar interests are what brought them together. For Palumbo Productions Mitch is a writer, actor, director and editor for short films and hopes to take his talents to feature films also. Palumbo Productions and Lift Entertainment are collaborating on a new untitled short film that will be coming out by the Summer 2015. Mitch has done extra work on the new untitled Woody Allen film, and the Vinny Paz movie “Bleed for this”. He continues to work hard and pursue his dreams and will not stop working until he exceeds expectations.

Contact Info for Mitchell Palumbo




E-Mail- mcpalumbo22@gmail.com


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