Sunday Skits Season 2: Episode 15 – Crest Commercial Spots

Make sure you brush with Crest to get all the ladies!


“Gotta Go” – A video by Mike Pare

I want to start this off by saying this is our first post from another production company! We love to support local talent, and we want Lift Entertainment to be a community and a showcase for not only our own, but other’s work. If you have something you want us to share, just send us a link and we will gladly help spread the word! More content means a better website, and more for your viewing pleasure!

Recently I had the pleasure of working with Mike Pare and the rest of “The Package“. Mike is an old co-worker and a talented VFX artist, so I knew this project would be good. It is a short comedy skit about a man stuck in a battlefield that wants nothing more than┬áto go to the bathroom. Watch as he navigates through hilarious obstacles to try to make it in time!