Sunday Skits Season 2: Episode 14 – M Cigarettes Commercial Outtakes

Why do they keep casting Alek for these commercials?


Sunday Skits Episode 17 – Adopt a Ghetto Dog Outtakes

Somehow Alek snuck his way onto our set again…needless to say we wasted quite a bit of time waiting for him to get it right.

Behind The Scenes – Ray-Ban Commercial

Recently we’ve been working on our new series called Sunday Skits. These are some of the most outrageous skits we could think of, so needless to say, the filming process is a fun one. We wanted to bring you into our world and give you a taste of what goes down at the Lift Entertainment studio, so we asked our friends from Tunnel Vision Photography to come down and shoot some photos of us at work.

Check out these photos, and go their Facebook page to see more of their great work! We love to support new talent coming out of Rhode Island, and you should too!


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