Monadnock Jeepers’ Go Topless Event!

Over the summer I was asked to go up to Keene, New Hampshire to film an event for the Monadnock Jeepers. The event was called Go Topless, and it was basically a way for all the Jeep fanatics in the area to get together, show off their Jeeps, and ride some awesome off road trails. This experience was one to remember! I had a great time filming and had the pleasure of riding along with the lead Jeep during the off-road course. Here is a video recap of the event, and all of the awesomeness that went down!



Collington – Someone Who Would Rob Me (Official Music Video)

Our third music video with the talented Collington is out! Everyone check it out, we agree it is our best one yet! Visit for his album, and click HERE to watch our past videos!

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Collington – Life Abundantly

Chris Costa and Collington teamed up again to bring you their second music video, Life Abundantly. This video is quite different from the first, as it is fast paced and features a full band. The theme of this video is to live your life the way you want to, regardless of how tough times can get.

Board Blazers Promo

Board Blazers were created by Grenada Innovations at Arizona State University. They are LED lights that can be attached to the bottom of a skateboard, or scooter, giving it a cool underglow effect. Through a mutual friend, Chris Costa was contacted to make a promotional video for their website. Filming this was quite fun!