Sunday Skits Episode 16 – Sheisty Steve Found Footage

We recently found some footage of a shoot we did a while back. The commercial never aired due to complications, but this footage is just too good to pass up. Watch this before you consider buying your next car through Sheisty Steve!


Monadnock Jeepers’ Go Topless Event!

Over the summer I was asked to go up to Keene, New Hampshire to film an event for the Monadnock Jeepers. The event was called Go Topless, and it was basically a way for all the Jeep fanatics in the area to get together, show off their Jeeps, and ride some awesome off road trails. This experience was one to remember! I had a great time filming and had the pleasure of riding along with the lead Jeep during the off-road course. Here is a video recap of the event, and all of the awesomeness that went down!