Big News! Fly Hard will premiere soon!

We have some big news that everyone has been waiting for…Fly Hard is almost here! That’s right, our new short film is just about finished and has a set date for a premiere!

Watch the new trailer, get excited and tell all of your friends! We hope to see you all there for the big event!

The premiere of Fly Hard will be on November 15th at 8pm at the Route One Cinema Pub. Come out to meet us, watch some great local independent films and have a few laughs!

Route One Cinema Pub: Washington Square, 652 E Washington St, North Attleborough, MA 02760

Check in weekly to see behind the scenes footage and interviews, and to find out more about the film and the premiere party!


Photo of the Week – 4/8

This Photo of the Week is a night shot of a lake in the Berkshires.Berkshires at NIght

One Eight 7 is out now!

Here it is, Lift Entertainment and It’s Brandon Allan Productions’ second short film! This is by far our best work yet, and a major step up from our first film! We put a lot of time and hard work into this one, so check it out! If you want to know what it took to make this film, check out the blog series we have been posting, and keep updated on the production/post-production side, which will be coming out next week.

Remember feedback and shares are always welcome! Just #LiftRI on all social media to be in the loop!

One Eight 7 DVD’s are available! Relaunch!

Lately we’ve been working hard behind the scenes with a few big projects, which has caused a halt in our website process. Well don’t worry, we’re back and better than ever with our recent release of One Eight 7 (get your DVD’s now!)

What does this mean for you? Blogs, tutorials, videos, music and photography are all coming your way! We have a ton of ideas in the works that are sure to keep you entertained week after week! (Including the “big projects” we were talking about, which we can’t share with you yet!)

Kicking off the re-invention of will be a week dedicated to One Eight 7! We are going to break down a few effects, and show you just how much work we put into our films. Come back next week to see it all, leading up to the internet release of the movie!

Remember, share the love! #LiftRI

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