Photo of The Week – 3/11

This week’s photo is the statue of liberty from an angle not many people get to see!


Welcome to the land of the free


One Eight 7 DVD’s are available! Relaunch!

Lately we’ve been working hard behind the scenes with a few big projects, which has caused a halt in our website process. Well don’t worry, we’re back and better than ever with our recent release of One Eight 7 (get your DVD’s now!)

What does this mean for you? Blogs, tutorials, videos, music and photography are all coming your way! We have a ton of ideas in the works that are sure to keep you entertained week after week! (Including the “big projects” we were talking about, which we can’t share with you yet!)

Kicking off the re-invention of will be a week dedicated to One Eight 7! We are going to break down a few effects, and show you just how much work we put into our films. Come back next week to see it all, leading up to the internet release of the movie!

Remember, share the love! #LiftRI

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The Origins of the Harlem Shake

The Origins of the Harlem Shake was the first short film produced by Lift Entertainment. It is an off the wall comedy that will keep you laughing the whole way through. It follows Marcelus Qwade in his struggle to create the world’s best dance move. Check it out in it’s entirety, as well as some bloopers we just had to put out!

Entire Film: