Case Closed Episode 3 – There’s Gonna Be Heat

Your favorite almost cops are back in Episode 3 of Case Closed! Can the boys step up the heat and handle a real case for once? Find out now!


Sunday Skits Return This Sunday!

If you liked the first season of Sunday Skits, you’re going to love the second season! We’re making fun of current events and sprinkling in random outrageous ideas! Tune in this Sunday, January 10th for the first episode! See you then!

Sunday Skits Episode 5 – The Portal

In this episode of Sunday Skits, Eddie shows Mitch his new portal. Eddie knows the consequences, but Mitch has other plans.


Sunday Skits Episode 3 – Buried Alive

In our third and final episode of the month, Frank Wheeler gets himself in quite a predicament. What would you do if you woke up in a coffin 6 feet under!? Watch now to see Frank’s plan! #LiftRI