New Photography Page!

The new photography page is now up! This page will be a gallery of some of the best photos we have taken at Lift Entertainment, as well as user submitted photos! We are starting out with a few, and the page will grow every week!

Look out for our “Photo of the Week” feature, where we will showcase a new photo every week. This will be a chance for everyone out there to submit their photos, and get them shown on our site! We will pick the best ones we find, and showcase them on the home page for a week. The photo will then be added to the photography page, with the photographer’s credentials of course!

This new feature will hopefully bring out some stunning images from the many great photographers out there reading our blog!

Submit your photos any time at


Artists Closet Fashion Show

Here’s a video showcasing the fashion show put on by the Artists Closet. It features many local talented designers and vendors including Lift Entertainment’s partner Live by Claudia Sophia. The video was shot and edited by Chris Costa.