Sunday Skits Season 2: Episode 11 – Brut Soap Commercial

Introducing Brut Soap, the only soap that assures you ALL of the women will go crazy!


Sunday Skits Season 2: Episode 7 – St. Patty’s Day PSA

For this St. Patty’s day we’ve decided to conduct a little experiment. What happens when a group of guys have to stay sober all day? The results are quite shocking, find out for yourself!


Sunday Skits Season 2: Episode 3 – American Idle Auditions

This week on Sunday Skits we report live from the set of American Idle to watch three lucky contestants audition. Will they get a ticket to Hollywood, or will they be arrested?


Case Closed Episode 3 – There’s Gonna Be Heat

Your favorite almost cops are back in Episode 3 of Case Closed! Can the boys step up the heat and handle a real case for once? Find out now!